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Participate in Our Exciting Recreation Programs and Events in Edmonton

At the Ital-Canadian Seniors Association, we want to offer you all the opportunities we can to help you improve your quality of life and reduce stress. This is why we make sure that we can provide you with several recreation programs and events in Edmonton that can keep you social, active, and healthy.


View the following activities to see what programs and events you can join at the Ital-Canadian Seniors Association.

Playing on bocce teams

  • Offered daily, on evenings, and on weekends


Participating in outreach programs with schools

  • Ongoing


Attending informational seminars

  • Ongoing


Using the work-out room

  • Ongoing


Having membership and volunteer appreciation dinners and activities


Taking excursions

  • Bus trips to USA/Canada and exchange visits with Calgary Seniors

Doing recreational activities

  • Daily for social interaction


Going to the social bar

  • Daily for social interaction


Watching the big screen TV

  • Daily for social interaction


Engaging in fundraising activities

  • Casino, bingo, and taralli making events


Holiday dinners

  • Christmas, New Year's, Easter, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, and monthly luncheons for the community-at-large


Using banquet and catering services

  • Open to the public, staffed by volunteers, and paid staff

Do our programs and events sound like a good time to you? Give us a call to learn more about how you can join them.

Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events

Children's Summer Camp 2024

Summer Camp Registration Form 2024

July Events


Stay tuned for more information on registration for cooking classes. We will update you as soon as we know more.

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Enjoy a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere at the Ital-Canadian Seniors Association.

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