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Senior people watching television in the living room

Join Us

Interested in becoming a member of the Ital-Canadian Seniors Association? Fill out our online form on our website or visit us in person to start the registration process.


You can purchase an annual membership from us for $30.00 if you are 55 years and older. We provide you with a sympathizer welcome if you are 45-years-old with a disability and no voting rights.

Once you’ve become a member of our association, you’ll get to participate in the following fun activities and more.

  • Meet new friends

  • Take your friends to the coffee place

  • Watch an 80-inch screen TV on sofas

  • See Italian movies and shows on the RAI International station

  • Enjoy events and activities all year round

  • Book bus trips to Las Vegas and other places in the US & Canada

  • Join a variety of programs, such as cooking classes

  • Play cards, bocce, ping-pong, and chess

For more information about bocce and cooking classes, click on the following links:

To learn more about us, you can read our latest meeting information and newsletter.


If you want to register for bocce games, there are a few payment options available to you. For a year of afternoon games, you can pay $10.00. For a year of evening games, you can pay $35.00 (you must be a member). You don’t have to commit to a year’s worth of games, though, if you don’t want to. You can drop in on a game for $2.00 (which may be waived on special circumstances), or seniors from the other senior centre will pay your drop-in fee for you.

Not a senior? You can still use our bocce courts through programs like school outreach programs.

Senior ladies playing petanque
Cooking classes. Food preparing hobby. Group of women learning healthy eating lifestyle and balanced nutrition.

Cooking Classes

You can enjoy the taste of Italian cooking with our culinary classes for $5.00 per session. These classes include not only a tasting of the cooking, but also include a copy of the recipe that you can take home with you.


Connect With Us

Enjoy a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere at the Ital-Canadian Seniors Association.

Senior adults having morning tea together
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